Misplaced Life: conversation about current events and trends

We're never MISPLACED, because we are always living the right LIFE.

From the specific, the universal is born. We may be from opposite worlds with unique stories, but the necessity of embracing our individual journeys brings us together. Listen in as we share our thoughts, and remember - we are one world...one human race...and one love.

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About the Podcast

Misplaced Life
A cultural conversation about current events, hot topics and personal stories between two very opposite best friends. A white, Hippie Rock Chick Gen-X’er and her black, gay Millennial friend co-host this show about embracing our life's journeys.
Co-hosted by Ginger Ramsey and Donzell Lewis, Misplaced Life includes casual yet informed discussions that "dig deep" into current events, hot topics and cultural trends - all with a serious message and a light-hearted tone. By also sharing their personal stories, along with those of their guests, they bring to light the idea that when we reveal, understand, embrace and support each other's journeys as well as our own, we realize that we are more alike than not. We all have those times in life where we feel "MISPLACED" - not where we should be - whether it be in a relationship, career, or any other situation. Each of those "mis-steps" or "wrong turns" are all necessary parts of our LIFE's journey. We are never really in the wrong place, as we are always living the right life.

Ginger is a former music industry executive turned artist and "soccer mama" with two teenagers. Donzell has been an artist all of his life, loves acting, his single life and his crazy cat, Mr. Monroe. They are very different "on paper,' but one thing they have in common is that they are both from the South. They are the best of friends who share an appreciate of art in all forms, an interest in understanding many perspectives on life, a deep love for all humans and a strong, sincere motivation for equality of all people from every race, every background, every gender and sexual orientation.

About your hosts

Ginger Ramsey

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Ginger was born and raised in the Deep South, but after grad school, her passion for music took her out West to Los Angeles where she worked in the music business for over 20 years. Most of her time was spent at record labels and at 19 Entertainment, which owns American Idol, where she developed an expertise in marketing, branding and talent management. She worked closely with the founder and CEO of Interscope Records, Jimmy Iovine, and with may of the biggest artists over the last two decades. However, she prides herself on her “biggest releases,” her two teenage children who live with her and her husband in LA.

In 2016, following her stint at 19 Entertainment as both the head of marketing and an artist manager, she decided to trade in her fancy, designer jeans and learned how to love her lululemon’s. As she redirected her career (and her fashion sense) to that of a consultant, not only was she able to be more present to her growing children, she was able to be more present to herself. She rediscovered her own creative soul and reconnected to the artist that had been buried deep down inside. She decided that even in her “middle age phase,” it wasn’t too late to change careers and be an artist herself. In describing her own personal story, Ginger says “at times my journey has been extremely difficult and sometimes painful, but I know that every step – even those in the wrong direction – have led me to the happiest place I’ve been in decades. It is also what motivated me to create Misplaced Life. Its message about the necessity of our individual journeys is very personal to me. I hope that by sharing our own stories and perspectives, people will be empowered to embrace and share their own.”

In addition to creating the Misplaced Life podcast with her BFF, Donzell, Ginger continues to work on various writing projects, has launched a new career as a Voiceover Artist, and is pursuing an acting career as well. “It’s never too late to be you,” she says. And when she’s not doing any of those things, you’ll find her tucked away in her son’s garage music studio or being a soccer mom watching her daughter play. And yes…..ALWAYS in those "lulu's!"

Donzell Lewis

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Donzell is an actor/comedian/drag queen & martial artist who is a "Southern gentlemen" at heart with a wild, wild, west spirit. He’s both sweet and sassy, a flavor combination that’s made him have a very interesting "Misplaced Life.' He is a graduate of some of the top comedy programs (UCB and iO West improv) and is one of the inaugural Second City LA Bob Curry comedy Fellows.

His drag persona “Layali Sunshine” is a sultry and sassy, martial arts kicking diva who won the grand prize of Season 3 of UCB’s Drag Race. Not only a queen of the stage, Donzell has also performed drag in various plays and movies. Most recently his performance as “Goldie” in the world premier play “Dope Queens” earned him a Broadway World Nomination for featured actor. Donzell was also honored by Stagescene LA as the 2019-2020 “Breakout Performance” for both his role in “Dope Queens” and his role as “Rexy” in the play, “The Legend of Georgia McBride.”

When not performing or recording Misplaced Life with Ginger, you can find him teaching theatre workshops, volunteering for the LGBTQ+ community, enjoying a really good donut or training martial arts while “jammin’ out” to some of his favorite Britney Spears tracks.